Thursday, May 14, 2009


Posted below is an email sent to my brother of how Ellie and her group enjoyed their
trip to the farm on 09-03-2009

Hi Everybody!

My family and I just came back a few hours ago from the GREAT DURIAN EXPERIENCE!! My family and I had such a wonderful time that I feel compelled to share it with you all!

The journey started smoothly and uneventfully until we reached the town of Raub when it started to drizzle. But God loves His children and desires us to have fun so the drizzle tapered off and stopped when we reached the orchard. As everyone alighted from their cars, squeals of delight could be heard as we saw the beautiful durians hanging from the durian trees. Some of the fruits were so low that we just had to reach out and we could touch them!

It wasn't long before we all seated around the tables as durian after durian was brought out, cut and passed around. With eager hands and eyes shining, many reached out without hesitation to sampled the durians. Nods of approval and smiles were aplenty. For a brief moment, the only words spoken were, "come" and "eat". Everthing was made the more sweeter because the Yong brothers announced that all that we can eat were free! At the same, freshly plucked mangosteens and rambutans were also passed around and we had our fill of all our favourite local fruits!

While we were eating, it started to drizzle again and I thought that we would all be stuck under the shed for the rest of the day. But it was only a short drizzle and Bro Yong persuaded us to follow him to have a tour around the orchard. Armed with a mean looking machete, I thought Bro Yong was going to use it to defend us from unsuspecting wild animals! Little did we know, as we walked along, every now and then, we would chance upon a fallen durian and quick as lighting, Bro Yong would attack the thorny fruit and the freshest durian I have ever had the fortune to sample would be passed around. How many of you can claim to have eaten durian fresh off the tree, under a durian tree? Even while we ate, we kept an eye out and our ears pricked for more fallen fruits. It was for me a rather surreal moment! Some fruits however would not yield its treasures without a fight and there was one in particular that took 3 men, amidst lots of grunts and furrowed brows and sweat before we got to taste of its beautiful rich, creamy and smooth flesh. It was excellent!

Bro Yong then took us up the hill and as we huffed and puffed, he pointed out the different breeds of durian and other furits. When we reached the top, we were rewarded with a panoramic view of the state of Pahang, of mists and rolling hills and ponds and lakes, truly God is great! We couldn't linger cos lunch was being served and again, it was a hearty meal of sandwiches, meehoon, rice, stir-fried vegetables, fried chicken and rendang chicken. By then, I couldn't really eat anymore, I was so full!

We didn't stay long after lunch and loaded up the car boot with more durians, mangosteens and even bananas. This time we paid for them except the bananas which were gifts. Satisfied with good food and companionship, the trip back was spent snoozing in the back seat!

The trip can be best summed up by my 78 year old father who's not easy to please, "I've never eaten so much tasty durians at one go!"

Special thanks to Victor and Molly for giving my mom and Janine a ride to and from the orchard, and of course the Brothers Yong for their kind hospitality and generosity. May God bless them and their families richly.

Now who wants to join me on my next trip?

The gym, naturally!