Friday, August 27, 2010


This season has come to an end. We thanks everyone who came from far
and near and supported us. We hope you all had truly enjoyed not only
the durians but also the farm itself. We welcome comments and suggestions
from all of you so we can serve you better in the next season. Next season
should be around coming Dec/Jan. So take care and hope to see you all real


MR TAN AND FAMILY FROM PJ came this morning (27/08/10)


Thursday, August 26, 2010

Sunday, August 22, 2010

Iko Yeo and friends from Sabah

Kz, Lavinia and Iko enjoying their evening with the most delicious Durian :D

Iko trying to open the durian with the opener while giving a big smile.
She manage to open it. Good job!

Lee's friend from KL

Titanic at the durian tree version!

Let me introduce this fruit : This is called as "Bulasan"
Sweet and nice! :D

Kane Kuan and friends

See how adorable are these three little kids posing with the durian :)

A beautiful group photo during the evening

Lee and Wong with girlfriends

Happy couples at the farm :)

Danny Yong and friends

The group photo after enjoying all the types of durian

Yok and friends from KL

Group photo holding their "pack" durian back to KL

Shawn and friends from KL

Thank you for coming.
Have a nice day :)

The group photo during the day

Saturday, August 21, 2010

Andre Teh and friends ( Tekar Queen ) from KL

Thank you Andre
for visiting my farm again
with another group of friends! :)

Group photo
Andre teh ( red colour shirt 1st from 2nd row left side)

Mr.Tan and friends from KL

Thank you for coming :)

Group photo

YS Lee and Daniel Tan family from KL

Group photo

This durian smell is so GOOD!
Hey, don't smell my durian when I'm taking picture here.

Jeffery Yong and friends from Singapore

Jeffery Yong(blue shirt with white short pant) and friends

Get to taste the 6 types of durian. yummy! Fantastic :)

Fruits are every where! Can't stop eating !

Mr.Loh and friends from KL

Group photo

This is so delicious. yummy!! O_O

Place for them to hang out at the farm

Ahh.. See! this is so easy. No need to use hand! See how professional am I?

Shandy Lim from Summerland Tour and travel

Them with their tour bus - Summerland

See what I'm holding! Durian! This is mine! :P

Fit me perfectly! This is so gonna be mine!

Everyone is enjoying their durian there

Tasted more than 5 types of durian

Mr. Woo Mun Kong and friends from KL

Mr.Woo and his friends group photo

Hmm seem like everyone is discussing about how delicious is the durian :D

Sunday, August 15, 2010

Stavie and friends from Switzerland

Group photo

Even western people loves durian :)

Enjoying the durian

shooting the famous musang King as memory :)

The crowds

Fruits are everywhere! Can't stop eating all this delicious fruits!

Pack with cars !

Time to clean up!

Rambutan eye??

Miss Ho and friends from KL

Group photo

Hey hey wait for me! I want to be in the photo too!!

Enjoying their fruits

mm delicious!

Mary and friends from KL

Pack with cars

Everyone is busy enjoying the durian and other fruits

See how delicious are these fruits? Durian, langsat, mangosteen and rambutan

Lily and friends visit

Group photo at the farm

Enjoying the 6 types of durian at the farm

Erik and Friends from KL

The mist during the morning

A group of teenagers

Another group photo

Enjoying their trip here and also the durian.

The boys plucking the rambutan