Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Visitors to the farm 09-03-09

Road leading to the farm. Suprisingly, we can all parked
our cars there. 12 cars in all

The crowd purchasing durian

Come let me do it!

Hei.. nice Eh..? "Woh! very good lah"

What going on? Fresh mangosteen!!


  1. hey friend~
    stephen leong here~
    i will back to raub specially for your durian this saturday~
    pls reserve 10kg of UDANG MERAH and 10 kg of BAMBOO KAKI for me~
    see you this saturday~

  2. Hi Eddie,

    I am planning a durian feast cum outing even for my church members. I would like to ask whether your farm is open to public.

    My email address is

    Looking forward for your reply.