Sunday, March 21, 2010

Mr.Loy & Friends from Australia,Canada,Singapore and Indonesia

THANK YOU for coming.
Hope you all really enjoy the
two hours in my farm.
Really appreciated it :)

Group Photo with the durian

Having a good walk in the farm


  1. HELLO from Melbourne,
    Eddie thank you for being such a wonderful host and taking the time to show us the various grades of durians with their individual characteristics and aroma and taste. Yes like wine tasting!!
    We in Melbourne do have Durians, but mainly imported frozen from Thailand. For those who are desperate, something is better than nothing. I have heard from friends about the different varieties of Durian , but have never tasted them ,until we visited your orchard recently. Now I have fond memories of the aroma and tastes of the Durians in your farm and hope one day I can visit you again. However, next time we will stay longer to enjoy the Durians, as well as fish in your pond and collect and have your Bird Nest soup..
    Best regards to you and family.

    Loy M Yeo

  2. you're welcome. and thank you once again for coming. hope to see you again next time. :)

  3. Hi Eddie ,

    I have posted in my blog -

    our visit to your durian farm.

    Please view it and comments if any - regards

    PS can you provide me your e mail address

    Loy Seng - Singapore