Saturday, August 21, 2010

Shandy Lim from Summerland Tour and travel

Them with their tour bus - Summerland

See what I'm holding! Durian! This is mine! :P

Fit me perfectly! This is so gonna be mine!

Everyone is enjoying their durian there

Tasted more than 5 types of durian


  1. First round durian of each type was serve but second round request, durian serve was not so nice and reluctantly. Some is wet and the worst, when request for the third round, Mr. Eddie ignore us after repeated request. D24 was free flow but others kept and only given when requested but reluctantly. Not worth to travel all the way for it. Being told other durian orchard will serve without reserve when sharing this encounter with some friends

  2. I was busy during that day because there were many groups in one time and I didn't notice about the request. Sorry for causing the misunderstanding. My apology to you. If you happen to be around for the next season you are my guest of honor.