Wednesday, July 14, 2010

DURIAN NEWS-Tycoon sends jet to S’pore for durian purchase

The Star Online

THE Musang King durian from Malaysia has proven to be so delicious that Stanley Ho, who is Macau’s Gambling King, sent his personal jet to pick up 88 durians from Singapore. China Press reported that Ho bought about RM4,800 worth of the durian from the 818 Durian Stall in the island republic.

Ho then shared the king of fruits with his friend Hong Kong billionaire Li Ka-shing
by giving him 10 durians. The daily reported that Ho’s worker wanted to buy 98 durians but only managed to get 88 as supply was low due to adverse weather.
In Singapore, the Musang King durian costs about RM38 per kilo, the daily reported

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